Thursday, August 21, 2014

8/20 DLT, ERS

Started the day at DLT (District Leadership Team) discussed:

  • VICC program
  • Involving Senior Citizens
  • August 29th PD day
  • Criteria for Distinction
  • Debriefing 1st day of school
  • Supt Update
headed over the Edgar Road to:
  • Have lunch with 3rd grade
  • get photo taken for Stlmag
  • Meet with counselor and building principal
  • draft 8/29 email to staff
  • checked email
  • emailed dese about a report
  • helped 3rd grade class with FAST plants
  • Assisted with dismissal
  • Read through mail from mailbox

Stuck Around for Open House

Office: ERS
ERS: 95
CC: 5

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