Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8/19 WGHS

Started the day making the slides for the Flip Teaching meeting next week.

Made Slides for Social Studies Vertical Team

Made copies of Timeline, learning goals and content alignment for vertical team.

Created Summary of MAP data for Hudson found here.

Processed MAP data for Clark, Bristol, Computer School.

Made sample site for 8th grade Forces and Interactions unit.

Wrote script for facilitators for the 8/29 date.  Sent it on to them.

Arranged for copies for 8/29.

Organized MAP data for Hixson over the last three years to notice trends in the data by standard.

Read through comments of the Social Studies Curriculum.

Started editing draft 56 of Culture and Cultural Diversity

Facilitated SS Vertical Team 1

Office: WGHS
ERS: 0

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