Monday, August 25, 2014

8/25 ERS, Hixson

Started the day going through emails.

Updated the grade level documents for K-5 day on 8/29.

Welcomed kiddos and stopped by each room.

Investigated bus issue.

Made contact with Felicia at VICC for a bus video.

Sent email about Steger/Computer School Date.

Edited iObservation/Evaluation spreadsheet

Scheduled afternoon reading eval/iObservation

Investigated got my log in. set up demo and appointment.

Printed and organized reports for Hudson MAP day

Recorded #EdcampChallenge Video

Sent follow up email from required training and missing signatures.

Met with Security Team from VICC to view Bus video

Reviewed New Student folders to determine what was missing from each folder to complete enrollment.

Supervised dismissal

Headed over to Hixson for Department meetings.

Office: ERS
CC: 5
ERS: 95

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