Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/28 ERS

Stopped by every room to say good morning

Worked on grade level Video: exported to CNI server, uploaded to youtube:

Looked for a good book for my read aloud on 9/5

Cleared out emails.

Conducted iObservation Walkthrough of Domain 1 of a teacher.

Had lunch and met with the 1st year teachers at Edgar Road.

Met with 1st grade teacher about details for Friday.

Drafted School Reach weekly phone call announcements to parents/community seen here.

Learned how to log in to school reach and record a message.  Recorded the message.

Drafted a poster for 7th grade History.

Observed 5th grade class and recorded it in iObservation.

Completed reading inventory on 5th grade class.

Prepped for PD day tomorrow with chairs, projector and layout of the gym.

Attended a webinar on Go Guardian.

Met with 3rd grade teacher to discuss flexible learning spaces.

Office: ERS
ERS: 95
CC: 5

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