Tuesday, September 2, 2014

9/2 Hixson

Watched some of "The Outsiders" while thinking about this learning goal:

Then checked out 7th grade social studies as they discussed their learning goal:

Norms for class discussions: (created by kids)
Listen (be quiet while others are talking)
Respect others ideas
Raise hand
Disagree without fighting (polite)

"This is social studies, we're going to be discussing and investigating social issues" -social studies teachers. 

This set the stage for an investigation and discuss on the social structure of "Sumer" (Mesopotamia)
 Students did a sorting activity for the social structure in Mesopotamia:

I then headed over to meet with 8th grade science.  We planned out two authentic learning experiences.

Met over lunch with the saint Louis science leadership consortium planning team.  The next meeting will include:
District state of Ngss
Writing in the science classroom
Future meetings

Met with 7th grade social studies to talk about learning goals and targets...

Attended 7th grade synthesis team meeting.

Met with 7th grade harmony team

Met with building principal.

Wrapped up the day helping out in 8th grade social studies during their density lab.

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