Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/25 6-8 Science Collaboration


Started the day with a check in, What's up, What's new?

Reviewed Work from 8/29 Grade Level Meeting

Reviewed timeline to implementation

Review Learning Goals and Clarified content in the unit

Added to/edited this:

Discussed common assessments

Reviewed future meetings....

After Lunch:

6th Grade
  • Prepping for Camp Wyman

7th Grade
  • Working on lab activities and projects for the Space Systems unit
    • Gravity Learning Target
      • All 7th grade pumpkin competition
        • calculate mass, density, diameter, circumference
        • estimate drop time
        • inter-team competition format
      • Placed new standards, not yet placed, into the appropriate unit and Learning Goal.
      • Researched “red-shift” and where it fits into instructional sequence.

8th grade:
  • Working on project ideas specifically audience and community partners

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