Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9/10 WGHS, ERS

Started the day at WGHS.

  • Began copying resources for the Social Studies K-5 Facilitators
  • Met with Social Studies Department Chair regard American History and American Government MAP assessment data.
Headed over to Edgar Road.  It was picture day.

Did a reading walkthrough and an iObservation walkthrough of 3rd grade.

Met with 5th grade teacher to finalize walkthrough and iObservation.

Organized papers for Monday's Social Studies Facilitator meeting.

Met with a student about a slapping incident.

Met with another student about a kicking incident.

Started drafting an ELA Mock Map:

Supervised dismissal

Met with 4th grade teacher regarding iObservation, reading walkthrough and Google Classroom.

Headed over to Central Office to meet regard curriculum development.

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