Thursday, September 18, 2014

9/18 DLT, ERS, Hixson

Started the day at the district DLT committee.  We discussed:

  • Update on the collaborative
  • update on "Dream Team"
  • Projected DLT learning dates and activities
  • HR updates
  • SSD Updates
  • update from the Supt office.

Headed over to ERS.

Finalized and communicated the 6,7,8 collaboration in Science on 9/25. Shared the agenda here:

Met with teacher and principal about iPad purchase.

Met with HR director about Visitor check in

Finalized iPad order with Director of Technology

Emailed teachers with pending iObservation and Reading Walkthrough documents.

Attended the 8th grade Social Studies department meeting.

Shared created Student Achievement Analysis report for Central Office seen here:

Edgar Road School
Student Achievement Analysis
13-14 School Year

Student Achievement Data
·       Bulleted list of data including but not necessarily limited to MAP data.  The data may come directly off your CSIP.  Include data indicative of progress and regress.
·       56 out of 187 (30%) students scored Advanced in 3, 4, 5th grade Communication Arts.
·       131 out of 187 (70%) students scored Proficient or Advanced in 3, 4, 5th grade Communication Arts.
·       45 out of 187 (24%) students scored Advanced in 3, 4, 5th grade Mathematics.
·       134 out of 187 (72%) students scored Proficient or Advanced in 3, 4, 5th grade Mathematics.
·       19 out of 71 (27%) students scored Advanced in 5th grade Science.
·       40 out of 71 (56%) students scored Proficient or Advanced in 5th grade Science.
·       Earned 100% of points possible on MSIP 5 Standards
·       Evaluated as “Exceeding” as part of the MSIP5 2020 Target metric in growth areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics.
·       Subgroup achievement evaluated as “On Track” as part of the MSIP5 2020 Target metric in growth areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics
·       Attendance percentage of 96.6%

Strategies/Actions You Feel Positively Contributed To Student Learning
·       This may include but is not limited to new strategies/actions from your CSIP.
·       Provided before and after school tutoring in reading for all students reading below grade level.
·       Provided ongoing professional development for the teachers in
·       Implemented CCSS, Units of Study and Being A Writer (K-5)
·       Increased the use of reading nonfiction materials and integrate nonfiction reading strategies through direct, explicit instruction across all content areas.
·       Increased Team collaboration & discussion curing team meetings
·       Held PDD- demonstrate useful math websites (xtra math, dream box)
·       Held PDD Review materials available, how to supplement
·       Students applied new math skills to different situations and justify their answers.
·       Students increased mastery and recall of basic facts, through the use of technology, drill/skills, and practice activities.
·       Teachers introduced CCSS through lessons provided with Investigation
·       Teachers select a technology project from a curriculum unit for students to complete.
·       Teachers worked with grade level/librarian to develop a common experience within the TILS Curriculum.
·       Teachers attended at least one building or district provided technology training. 
·       Implemented school-wide expectations
·       Incorporated Character Education each month
·       Recorded number of students receiving Star Citizen Award
·       Home & School communication forms for parents were used to be aware of what is going on at school.  Include trait of the month, definitions in newsletter and announcements 
·       Implemented universal playground expectation
·       Implemented Cafeteria routines & expectations
·       Continued caring communities – anti-bullying program
·       Administered Aimsweb probes in the fall, winter, and spring to all students.
·       Provided research based interventions based on CBMs and Aimsweb.
·       Progress monitored students that have been identified.
·       Provided research based behavioral interventions (i.e. behavior plans, observations, etc.).
·       RtI team provided a “progress monitoring” training for all teachers by grade level.
·       RtI team provided differentiated training for each grade level – regarding Benchmarking.

Strategies/Actions You Will Continue/Initiate In Support Of Areas Needing Attention
·       This may include but is not limited to new strategies/actions from your CSIP.
  • ·       Create a system for people to come together on a regular basis to discuss and experiment with how to make leaning relevant, challenging, and fun for learners.
  • ·       Provide 21st Century technology and spaces to support a culture of personalized learning. 
  • ·       Cultivate globally-minded pedagogies, curriculum, and practices.
  • ·       Develop and implement improved communication practices, designed to foster two-way communication with specific stakeholders. 
  • ·       Focus areas of:  Math, Technology, English Language Arts, Social Justice, & Respect & Responsibility.
  • ·       As a total school insist on answering questions with a complete thought/sentence (Point of Pride).
  • ·       Promote doing your best on MAP tests and any tests by focusing on “show what you know”.
  • ·       Examine MAP descriptors per achievement level and target skills/strategies that could be taught and reinforced in the classroom and in special areas.
  • ·       Use a variety of assessments to identify students of concern or interest.
  • ·       From the “students of concern” and “students of interest” lists plan for interventions, check progress on a monthly basis. 
  • ·       Focus on high achieving students whose tests results were in the proficient range and not the advanced range – develop plans to strengthen skills for individuals.
  • ·       Practice test taking – 2 mock MAP days.
  • ·       Promote student analysis, self-correcting, and reworking assignments, plus charting own progress.
  • ·       Continue all school book of the month.
  • ·       Continue implementing RtI
  • ·       Book Clubs throughout the year are ongoing and part of faculty/staff meetings

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