Friday, September 5, 2014


Started the day at WGHS for coordinator meeting.  Discussed:

  • Check in
  • Friday
  • Fine Arts
  • Digital Tools
  • Projector
  • Requisitions
  • G+
  • Expectations by grade level
  • Coffees
  • Learning Suite

Headed over to Edgar Road.

Worked on Go Guardian with 3rd grade teacher

Worked on a staff member's iPhone and work email.

Met with building principal to:
1. Plan Aides Meeting
2. Plan Faculty meeting

Drafted Aid's Meeting Agenda, sent email invite:
Created chart for observations next week.

Invited Facilitators to first meetings.

Set up meeting with CEO/Founder of Frienedy

Emailed for clarification for Bristol on the 1st grade studies weekly.

Ordered Studies weekly and laminate for Bristol.

Reviewed the High School Science curriculum and reshared with supervisor.

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