Wednesday, September 3, 2014

9/3 Steger, Computer School

Walked around at the beginning of the day saying good morning and hello to teachers.

Started the day in first grade.

Watched the calendar presentation.  Students counted the days of school, noted the weather and the teacher wrote out the date.

Made me laugh when kids gave them self fireworks, they made explosions in the sky and then made squealing sounds as the fingers wiggled and made what looks like rain.  Awesome.

There was a read aloud using "Matthew and Tilly."  The learning goal was to look for where the characters were made to move and talk.

Next headed to 2nd grade to help with daily 5 stations.  Spent most of the time fighting the mini computers with working, pop ups and battery issues.

Met with the director of technology to install go guardian for Edgar road students.

Checked out students in world studies working on an atlas activity

Made paper rocket with 6th grade science.

Met with 6th grade science teacher

Met with gifted teachers.

Met with 6th grade world studies.

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