Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11/12 ERS

Got the message about email storage being full.  Had to figure out how to empty the trash.

Checked out the DOME theatre and the shows they are offering.

Talked to two parents about attendance letters that were sent home.

Watched an episode in "THE DOME."

Talked with the St.Louis Rams Street Team coordinator about EdcampWG.

Met with Assistant Supt to discuss:

  • Subs for Friday
  • My Sci Survey
  • Days of the week to split responsibilities
Met with Kindergarten students about a pencil incident that happened in the dome

Worked with a kiddo on solutions to some problems that were happening in the classroom.

Helped in 4th grade Science

Assisted with dismissal

Sent out Aides meeting agenda

edited MYSCI surveys and sent them out

Called back Cardinals and Kendeo

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