Friday, October 24, 2014

10/23 Science Facilitator Meeting 2

Agenda and minutes posted here

  10/23 from 8:30 - 3:30 in WGHS 324.

1. Review work completed on the Teacher Hub

2. Revise/Edit timeline:
  • Create Curriculum Map (done)
  • Create first draft of Common "Assessments"
  • Initial Pilot of MySci Kits (In progress)
  • Develop Reporting System (Done)
  • Inventory/Swap resources (Done)
  • Drafts Submitted to Board for Approval
  • Communicate to DLT regarding Timing of Science and needs of staff (in process)
  • Evaluate current resources in Kit (done)
  • Investing in reading libraries in schools

  1. What is an "Assessment"
  • Performance Event - (Experiential Learning)
  • Field Experience - Authentic Assessment
  • Paper/pencil
  • Google Form - etc.
  • Observation
  • Journaling - Blog/Wiki
  • Project

    1. Creating a Common "assessment" for Science
  • We do want 1 assessment for NOW
  • After "agreeing" to what a 3 looks like, we can provide a menu or range of choices
  • Keep in mind the RANGE of expectations of the growth of students from the beginning of the year to the end
  • Keep in mind it needs to be done AT SCHOOL
  • 4 weeks in each UNIT

    1. Designing formative assessments in primary grades - How To?
    2. Reporting System
  • Define a 3 as a 3, what does it "Look like"
  • Form - all dumps into one spreadsheet.
  • Photos easy
  • paper pencil - in a folder and ship it over
  • Scan and send from copier
  • Anything online is great!

  1. CORE Experiences within each unit
    1. Brain Pop conversation
    2. Reading A-Z - reading teachers have it (ELA budget?)
    3. Tumblebooks Free through public library
    4. Discovery Ed videos
    5. - search for books/reading level FREE
  • MEANINGFUL Experiences we want EVERY student in WG to have
  • At least 1 per unit
  • Maybe even 1 per week
  • Do we have the budget?
  • See connections between Social Studies and Science

  1. Report Card Discussion
Tools for learning: the report card group that met wanted it kept
we will be at least piloting a new card next year

  1. Current Kit Review
  • Materials List
  • Books from Kits

  1. Seek Out Resources (See Below)
purchased resource on CNI: (Uncovering student ideas)


Ordered Delta Materials
Ordered Delta and Scholastic
Ordered Frey Scientific
Ordered Delta Materials

  1. Set agenda for future meetings

K Finish assessment for earth day. Begin assessment for weather, and forces.  Core experiences.

Assessments for each science unit.  Visit with kindergarten and 2nd to make sure there is no overlap in content.
Continue working on activities (core experiences).  Look for literature to go with lessons.
Look at scope and sequence for activities (some of them are all year long)
Check to see if it’s more feasible to purchase a planetarium dome rather than bus students to the science museum.  Bridget wondered if the Science Museum would create a lesson just for us?

2nd grade: Revisit weather assessment. Begin other unit assessments. Think of “field experiences,” Weather Man visit/to the station, etc.

3rd: Review authentic and core experiences for each unit
Start Assessments
Begin a pacing guide
4th: Finish Energy and Rocks (everything)
Animal Unit: Finish the scoring guide and the scaffolding sheet, materials

  1. Grade Level Specific Time

Resources We Want (Ordered=Strikethrough)


National Geographics Kids Phonics Box Set
#46N3 in Kindergartners November

Delta Education Catalog 2013:
  • Space Readers- set includes 36 books, 6 of each title for $69.99 (pg. 74)- 1 per school
  • From Seed to Plant- 8 pack for $42 (pg. 49)- 1 per school
  • Sunshine and Shadows - 8 pack for $42.00 (pg. 49) - 1 per school
  • Earth - 8 pack for $42.00 (pg. 49) - 1 per school
  • Seasons Library - 4 titles 1 of each for $23.80 (pg. 225) - 2 per school?
  • Light All Around Us - 4 titles 1 of each for $23.96 (pg. 264) - 2 per school?

Possible funding to purchase Brainpop Jr. (Yikes, expensive....from Chris)

Delta Education Catalog 2013:
  • Force and Motion- 8-pack for $42 (pg. 51)- 1 set per school
  • Weather Watching- 8 pack for $42 (pg. 51)- 1 set per school
  • Science Vocabulary Readers: Wild Weather-set includes 36 books, 6 of each title for $52.49- 1 set per school
  • Watching the Weather $3.71 per book- (order 1 now to preview then possibly 6 per school)

Would it be possible for Mary Ann Horton to order and construct an “ecosystem” in lieu of the rotting log for second grade? We found one for $70/each, I know MH could rock it, Thanks, A Brent

Frey Scientific Catalog 2013:
  • Comparative Terrain Model ($259.95) - page 400 (order 1 now, possible 2 in future as a check out, not that every teacher needs one)
Delta Education Catalogue (2013)
  • Food Chains and Food Webs 8-pack 538-6059-573 (pg 53)- 1
  • Minerals, Rocks, and Fossils 8-pack 1278105-573 (pg 53)- 1
  • Heat and Light Energy 8-pack 1278088-573 (pg 53)- 1
  • Weathering and Erosion Skillbuilders Packets (pg 59)-1 ($7.95)
  • Sound Energy Skillbuilders Packet (pg 59)- ($7.95)

Eye by David Macauay one copy for each teacher from Amazon $3.99 ISBN 978-1-59643-782-1 Play Visions Club Earth Fly Eyes  $6.18

Amazon:Uncle Milton Nat Geo Club Chameleon $12.01

Amazon: Uncle Milton Nat Geo Wild Bug Eye Glasses $10.60

Amazon: Chameleons are Cool: Read and Wonder $6.29

A Class Set for every teacher (Avery already has them) of the Nature Unleashed Workbook from MO Dept. Conservation (free, we think)

Delta Science Readers:
Weather and Erosion Set
Sound Energy Set




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