Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10/1 4th Grade Social Studies Facilitators

Agenda and jumping off point for the meeting found here.

We started the day reviewing the work done to the Teacher Resource.  3 units were created to match the trimester set up of the district's reporting process.

Trimester 1: Missouri People, Places and Regions
Trimester 2: History of Missouri
Trimester 3: Government and Global Missouri

We created and shared a 4th grade Curriculum folder in Google drive.

We reviewed the timeline to implementation for this year to aid in our to-do list.  This year we will:

  • Inventory Resources 
  • Create/Share Common "Assessments" 
  • Revise curriculum document as needed
  • SWAP PD day (resources/Assessment/Activities)
  • Create Equality of resources
  • Determine CORE experiences
  • Purchase Resources 
  • Create Teacher Training Days at Schools
Next we reviewed materials to support student learning in Missouri.
The assessment for Trimester 1 was finalized, seen here.

Teachers then planned activities and experiences for students to have during Unit 1. (same document found here and embedded here.

We wrapped up the next meeting by:

  • scheduling the next meeting
  • assigning each school the inventorying of current resources available.
  • Continuing to work on unit 2
  • Review unit 1: Resources? 

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