Sunday, October 19, 2014

10/15 Social Studies Facilitators

Worked from this agenda.

Reviewed work completed on the Teacher Hub and by 4th grade

Revised/edited timeline:
    • Inventory Resources
    • Create/Share Common "Assessments"
    • Revise curriculum document as needed
    • SWAP PD day (resources/Assessment/Activities)
    • Create Equality of resources
    • Determine CORE experiences
    • Purchase Resources
    • Create Teacher Training Days at Schools (How is this done mid-year?)

Reviewed resources purchased/found

What needs to be done at the next meeting?
    • tentatively planned for:
    • 10/15 - Full Day
      1. HOMEWORK: Inventory Resources
    • 2/26 - Full Day R
    • 3/3 - Full Day T

Discussed forms of "Assessment"
    1. Creating a common assessment for Social Studies
    2. Create assessments for Social studies units

Discussed Formative assessment
  • pencil/paper
  • One-on-one conference
  • Socratic seminar
  • Whole group listening/dialogue
  • Observations
  • google form
  • Kahoot-it
  • Socrative
  • Games
  • Likert scale, proficiency scale.
  • reviewing independent work

Discussed summative assessments
  • pencil/paper
  • Project based
  • Experiential
  • One-on-one conference
  • google form
  • Observations
  • One-on-one conference

Discussed Reporting Procedure options
-Google form feedback that the teachers fill out as a team (what worked/what didn’t)
-2 part (1 part pencil/paper -1 part observation/project based)

Discussed CORE experiences
GOAL: create isolated experiences we want all students to have.  Don't feel pressured to plan every moment of every day in both literacy and social studies blocks.

Grade Level tasks seen below/on back:

-bring past and present materials/binders/resources to look through and see what is still usable and can fit into new standards
-meet with building teams and gather ideas and input
-resources/websites for teachers- Ideas for ordering?
-resources for students
-review yearlong plan with science team
develop assessments for communities - bring resources and ask others for ideas
develop assessments and activities for sustainability unit
Continue to develop World Regions unit:
*finish planning day to day activities
*finish research assessment
*find trade books for different countries and websites (to be used for research project)
*create a resources list for materials needed for each lesson
Develop Our Country: Long Ago and Today unit (with help from Staci and Tim)
*plan day to day activities
*develop assessment
*find trade books
*create a list of materials needed for each lesson
The U.S. on a Global Scale
*plan day to day activities
*develop assessment
*find trade books
*create a list of materials needed for each lesson
**Plan authentic learning experiences and speakers for units** (Webster and Wash. University Multicultural Centers)
Complete the reorganization of Units 2 and 3.  Continue to organize necessary resources.  Revise unit assessments.
Continue working on lessons within each of our three units: Explorers/Foundations of America, Westward Expansion, Civil War
Create assessments as we go

Items to be added to Teacher Hub

When will we meet next?


What will we do before the next time we're together?

scan in K teacher’s guide into shared drive, see notes from google doc on what to order, create a survey to email to K team about resources and favorite activities so all voices are being heard
Contact all elementary school librarians to pull a resource list of that they have for the following topics (with GRL if possible)
1- Native Americans
2- Countries

Add in extra unit resources

We will share out with our staff the information about taking inventory on a google form
We will finish the Civil War assessment

Order pdfs of each of the following title for each school

Jamestown, Explorers, U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Underground Railroad, Trail of Tears, The American Revolution, Westward Expansion, The Civil War (Key Battles & Events), Road to the Civil War

Order 2 copies of Fires of Jubilee

What will we do the next time we're together?

continue finding literature, begin planning activities, looking for videos etc.

Finish World Regions Unit- add craft/food resources & examples, scan all materials needed, determine trade books needed
Begin Our Country Long Ago and Today (with Staci and Tim)
Begin The U.S. on a Global Scale

We will continue to work on planning experiences to match the assessments we have written.

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