Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/22 The Fed, Nipher Middle, WGHS, ERS

Started the morning at the Federal Resource Bank meeting with Mary Suiter. we discussed:
  • Inservice programs for school districts
  • go to school or can host there
  • education resources on federal reserve bank
  • Personal finance and economics
  • There is another classroom space/eating teaching.
  • Fed does lessons for teachers not kids.
  • Could accommodate whole team activity.
  • Parkway teachers will be at the fed for half a day. Teaching personal finance.
  • Treat teachers well when they are here.
  • APE institute every summer.  Interested in learning more about AP courses.
  • Programs for integrating economics into history.

Then met with Assistant Principal at Nipher Middle School to learn about Filemaker Pro, discuss grading and tour their new counseling center.

Headed over to WGHS to:

  • work on the cost of standing at a copier.
  • Finalized details on Friday's Water is Life hangout
  • Talked to Caroline about a "Redining Mobile Learning" event
    • Redefining Mobile Learning
    • her school 4000 ipads 1:1
    • sponsored by ADEs
    • they have a format
    • 1:3 model connecting to session
    • Breakout sessions in morning
    • Lunch or Lunch time (paid event provided)
    • More hands on sessions in the afternoon.
    • 150 people, 8 presenters = travel, stipend
    • covering costs
    • Money handled - Dan Rezac 
    • Session Topic: ADE 
    • Resource:
    • Facility: donation
  • Organized boxes
  • Put together chairs
  • Cleaned up 324
Headed over to ERS for an iDEA meeting for EdcampWG

Went to Central office for the "Emerging Technologies Leadership Group."

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