Friday, November 20, 2015

11/19 Character Ed CSIP, MS Science, DLT, 1st Grade, Google 101

Started the day at Edgar Road with the Character Ed (R and R) CSIP team. Agenda found here.

  1. Review the CSIP - Questions/Clarifications
  2. Review Marzano feedback from last year (Summary)
  3. Next steps with Action items (divide and report back)
  4. When's our next meeting?
  5. How will we celebrate?

Headed over the WGHS to meet with a couple meetings:
1.  The Middle School Science Teachers were working together.  Agenda found here

  • Check in
  • Task completion for the year
  • Future Meeting drafts
  • Standards-Based Assessment
  • Engineering Design Progression
  • Department time
  • After Implementation Timeline

2.  The 1st grade teachers were using curriculum time in 324.

I stopped in the DLT meeting to review and simulate a crisis scenario.  We also discussed the pending posting of Assistant Supt of HR.

After school facilitated the Google 101 session.

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