Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3/22 ERS, Service Center, WGHS, Hixson

Started the day meeting with a student and parent to welcome them to Edgar Road School.

I then headed over to the Service center.  There I took apart 15 kits for creation of the next science resources.

Afterwords I went over to WGHS to:
  • Go through emails
  • Create resources for new science Kits
  • Finalize plans for 6th grade SS PD
  • Sign contract for discovery Ed and email to everyone
  • emailed Science Facilitators 
  • Chat with CNI office about ordering
  • Nudged Schools about 3rd grade local government preparations
  • Clarified dates and times for buses

Watched this:

Headed over to Hixson to facilitate the "Grading for Learning" open Discussion.  Notes found here.

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