Thursday, October 4, 2012

10/4 New teacher training, 7th grade Science

Started with Menu for the day's activities:

Led activity by looking at Student work:

Prior to the PD teachers watched:

"The new K-5 teachers gathered on Thursday for curriculum training.  The morning began with a valuable protocol to guide conversation around examining student work samples from science and social studies units. The rest of the day gave the teachers the flexibility to work from a Learning Menu that provided options meant to address specific teacher needs.  New teachers benefited from talking about student work, asking questions of other teachers and curriculum coordinators, and using time to evaluate resources and plan."

New teachers wrapped up and closed their thinking with the activity: "I use to think now I know"

I used to think…now I know… 
  • §  …there was a perfect activity for a lesson…but now I know I can use multiple activities, lessons, or experiences to measure student learning
  • §  …used to think you needed a proficiency scale before giving assessment…now I know I can take work and divide into 3 groups B-D-S and then I make my scale to help keep track for report card
  • §  …my curriculum was on the teacher what the teacher “taught” but now I realize the same ss and sci concepts are being introduced at younger ages and by 5th grade we explore the concepts more deeply…so I will talk more with younger grades
  • §  …assessments had to be written…but now they should match the instruction i.e. hands on/performance-based
  • §  …I wasn’t doing enough…but I’m relieved they continue the study in later grades—my curriculum is appropriate
  • §  …if students couldn’t apply to paper what they know, they were not proficient/secure…but now I know giving multiple opportunities and means of showing what they know is appropriate (orally, pictorially, through actions…etc.)
  • §  …I had to struggle with getting students to share responsibility…but now I can use “observer” as a nice scientific term (you can choose to be a scientist or you can be an observer—but both are valuable)

After leading the PD teachers worked at completing the menu.  I helped where I was needed.

When there was time I read McTighe and Wiggins article on Common Core.  Working on a Blog Post to go with it.

After the meeting went to Hixson to meet with 7th grade science:

  • Discussed 7th grade Science pacing guide
  • Revised pacing guide here
  • Discussed a desire to have differentiation by unit and a desire to have activities available for 5 tiers.
  • Discussed a future FULL DAY curriculum day for after winer break.

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