Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/16 - Hixson, Report card, 8th grade

Started the day with a group of teachers wanting to start the journey of standards-based grading. We discussed

  • How we are doing?
  • What we are doing?
  • How parent teacher conferences went
  • What student work is looking like
Met with Ms. Evans to discuss plans with SS moving forward.  Discussion included conversations about Common Core, NCHE and NCSS.

I stuck around and walked around Hixson popping in and out of classrooms.

I met with Dr. Heisserer at 9:30 to discuss:
  • MAP data
  • 7th SS Friday Curriculum Day
  • "vision"

At 12:00pm I attended the New teacher report card training at Central Office.  Topics included:

  • Show Term
  • Click content
  • Show rosters
  • Input BDS score (B2 or A,B,C)
  • Click kids
  • Input "x" for Behavior and Social Skills (Beginning/Meeting/Exceeding and why)
  • Drop down curriculum objectives
  • Type teacher comments - Reminder Typing a comment shows on the last page.  Using [RL] will print a comment at the bottom of the content page
  • Apply and verify
  • Show Term
  • Click content
  • Show rosters
  • Input BDS score (B2 or A,B,C)
  • Click View/Maintain
  • Click student curriculum Marks
  • Input Drop down data (if needed use ACTION "Mark all student with selected cell")
  • Edit specific info for students that do not meet criteria
  • APPLY!

Helpful Resources:

After School met with 8th grade science, shared:

  • Shared how to log in to server
  • Shared 8th grade summary, excel sheet and 5th grade MAP data

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