Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/18 2nd/3rd year teacher, Office Hours

Started the day with the 2nd and 3rd year teachers, agenda included:

  • ROPES review
  • HR presentation
  • Goals for the year
Culturally responsive teaching PD: Why culture counts...
  • When I hear the phrase of "culturally responsive teaching" I think of...
  • Strategies: Fan and pick, Reflection Best/Worst teacher, Graphic Organizer 

Read Synopsis of CLR from Dr. Hollie used Focused reading:  check, exclamation point, and question mark while reading.
- Processed using Inner circle outer circle - to chat

Wrapped up the meeting, cleaned up the space.

Went to WGHS to meet with Bill K.

  • Discussed why I no longer was able to get on the network
  • Blocked sites
  • how to access CNI server from "my computer"
  • How to make a shortcut ont eh desktop
  • Discussed server and location
Went back to Office:
  • Answered emails
  • Set up date for vertical teaming at Hudson
  • Sought out clarification on Rock Cycle unit that moved from Hixson to Steger
  • Printed agenda
  • Printed Curriculum template
  • Printed NCSS for middle school
  • Printed Themes of SS
  • Polished up agenda for Facilitator meeting
  • Sent out reminder to K-5 facilitators

Got my certificate from Google Powersearching class:

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