Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Transitioning to the Common Core Through Technology

Website for today's activities: http://digitallearningprocess.net/CSD.html
Today's Presentation: https://docs.google.com/a/wgcloud.org/presentation/d/1F8zBZeCpknoUkDwP3CddgnabFi1-Tit8ZuMS2yFqgmI/edit#slide=id.p40

Working with adults and young adults:

  • Don't want your time with Pedogogy use Andragogy
  • Use universal designs for learning
  • Use TPACK to design lessons and activities for the reluctant technologists.

Get REAL - Relevant Engaging and Applied Learning
Is it more important to SOLVE a problem or to FIND a problem.  Employers want them to FIND.
Are students okay with there not being able to find one right answer.

PARCC state model content framework

Cite Evidence - Analyze Evidence - Study and apply grammer - Study and apply vocabulary - Conduct discussion - Report findings

smarter balanced assessment consortium
Move to Constructed response and performance task assessment items

College and Career Readiness Anchor standards

Mathematical standards of practice - Common Core

Getting REAL about performance tasks:

  • Re-professionalize our profession: Blended learning rounds (think medical rounds)
  • Build internal capacity
  • Personalized learning based on "flight time"not "seat time"
  • Aspirations to create opportunities for applied learning
Performance Task Design

5 things that are KEY to teacher evaluation

  • Measure what is required (legislation and incentives)
  • Measure what is valued (all the things we expect teachers to do)
  • Develop and make available to teachers and evaluators the standards by which teachers will be evaluated
  • Familiarize teachers with tools and processes of the evaluation
  • Measure performance against the standards

Pathway to effective teaching from the Gates Foundation:

Great resource for Project Based Learning:

How can we use Student interest and concerns to leverage student learning:

2. Log in with:

Do you have a dream? You can build your "dream team" set up to work together to acheive your dreams: http://www.mydreammachine.com/

More Project Based Learning resources:
Social Learning: https://room21online.com/

How TPCK impacts curriculum 

The 5 basic Instructional design steps:
  1. Choose learning goals
  2. Making practical pedagogical decisions  about the nature of the learning experience
  3. Selecting and sequencing appropriate activity types  to combine to form the learning experience
  4. Selecting formative and summative assessment strategies  that will reveal what and how well students are learning
  5. Selecting tools and resources  that will best help students to benefit from the learning experience being planned

Wrapped up the day answering e-mails.

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