Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10/17 Errands, Steger, ETA, Challenger Learning Center, iPad Training

Started the day at Edgar Road picking up materials and handouts for the 2nd/3rd year teacher meeting tomorrow.

Dropped off 3rd grade "Force and Motion" kit that was missing back to Clark and Mary Ann.

Arrived at Steger.

Went to Mr. Tullman's learning goal: Explore the effects on societies when two cultures (Europe-new world) collide
Direct instruction on spanish words, letters, and sounds.
Saw letters written to Foreign exchange student who presented on culture and details of Austria.

Next I stopped by Mr. Mack's room.  Learning goal: Students will draw a conclusion about what happens when cultures collide.

Students were working on a concept map.  Each group had a set of questions and activities for a section of the world with the ending being that they will present their map to other students.  Here's a sample in progress:

Next checked out Mrs. Williams,
Kids were "rocking and rolling" talking about motion doing some predicting and having some VERY fun conversations about how you know if something is in motion.

Then on to Mrs. Mangrich.  Students were making flip books wrapping up their thoughts on motion:
here's a sample flip book:

While I was there I also downloaded an app that makes flipbooks on my ipad and made a video of one of the kids, I emailed that to Mrs. Magrich. Here it is if you want to watch it:

At 12:30 arrived at the Challenger Learning Center for the ETA of STL meeting.

Inside students can be broken up to three groups:

Group one went to mission control room

Group two: Blasted off into space:

Once at the space station, each group had a job to do.  Once they get started on their job, something goes wrong and they have to work with Mission control to solve it:

Group Three had a challenge to do.  They were presented a challenge to design a rocket to win a contract from a business.

Students were given a budget and had to buy supplies: 

After building their rocket they shot it off, brought it back in redesigned and revised.  Shot it off again.  Winners of the contract were not only based on how far the rocket traveled but other features of 21st century learning like communication and teamwork:

After the tour we had a conversation and St. Louis STEM TQ program from a Sigma Aldrich representative.  We also were shared the vision of the Challenger learning center and shared some STEM resources:

I had to leave before the end of the meeting to get to Bristol in time.

Wrapped up the day with an iPad training at Bristol.  We discussed:

Settings - about (version) turn on speech
app store
*60in60 - 60 apps in 60 minutes

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