Monday, October 29, 2012

10/29 WGHS, Clark, Office Hours

Started the day at WGHS, Met with the science department chair to discuss:

After stopped by Clark to see the little ducklings and hear about life cycles:
  • Met with Mrs. Hennrich's class and Ms. Kimbles class

I also checked out the really cool habitats for insects displayed in the hallways:

Went back to Edgar Road to work on:

  • Went through the thermometers for Science and Social Studies to find low hanging fruit.  
  • Sent e-mail to kindergarten and 5th grade facilitators to gather information
  • Updated older Blog post with pictures from Bristols Science and Math Night
  • Met with Susan Bergman re: acceleration and Data 
  • Updated the Science Goals for K-8
  • Updated Social Studies goals K-8
  • Uploaded Model Curriculum Presentation
  • Watched a 2nd grade lesson on symbols of America specifically the Statue of Liberty
    • Shared cool resources found using:
7th grade Social Studies
  • Curriculum MAP template
  • Chatted about the test question
  • Updated Goals and Objectives

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