Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10/31 Right, Edgar, Hixson

Started the day with a a meeting with Ms. Right the coordinator at Hixson.  We discussed:

  • Balancing coach and relationships with the feeling that we are in some way evaluating others
  • reviewing assessment items and writing assessments
  • How learning goals influence student opportunities and evidence of student learning
  • Including her in events that are coordinator related
Went back to my office to:
  • Answer e-mails
  • My sessions for METC were accepted, I will be presenting:
    • 1. Social Networking: The I.V. Bag of Professional Development
    • 2. Rethinking Classroom Procedures: Thinking about Flipping Your Classroom
  • Investigated the BIG HISTORY project
At 1:30 I went over to Hixson to meet with Dr. Heisserer about the School Improvement Plan

STayed at Hixson to work on ordering supplies...

At 3:30 met with Dr. Miller and Ms. Bohlman to review 2nd/3rd teacher meetings:
  • discussed the evaluation of the frist session
  • discussed our goals
  • discussed our plans for the next seession

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