Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/15 - Office, Hixson, Bristol

Started the day in the office:

  • Reserved Board room for Vertical Team dates in December and March
  • Had conflict with Parent Teacher conference and worked to find a new date
  • Enrolled in classes from PBLU.org to become certified

At 10:30 met with Mr. Fick at Hixson to discuss full day on Friday, Agenda below:

  • Set agenda
  • Ready to go!
  • Polish up agenda and sent out to Mr. Fick

Drove over to Bristol to Meet with Mr. brown about iPad training for Wednesday.

We set our agendas as follows:

Mr. Brown's iPad training

  • Notes
  • Educational apps
  • SAMR model
  • Organizing Apps
  • iBooks
    • Demo Book: Life on Earth
    • tour interface
    • browse bookstore
    • find a book
    • highlight
    • search for books
    • text size
    • read to you
    • notes, share
    • www.gutenberg.org
  • iTunesU
    • tour interface
    • browse catalogue
    • tour K-12
    • Download a "course"
    • find something to supplement content
    • How to delete
  • iTunes
    • Browse interface
    • Browse store
    • how to delete
  • Podcast app
    • Browse interface
    • Find education, leadership
    • THINK: capacity building
    • How to subscribe or download
    • How to delete
  • reminders
  • calendar (set up with Outlook)
  • Camera/Photobooth
  • photos (albums)
  • 60in60

*US traveler activity

Me with the 101 crew

Settings - about (version) turn on speech
app store
SAMR Model

Went over to Hixson for 7th grade Social Studies Meeting, discussed:

Went home and

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