Friday, October 5, 2012

10/5 Coordinator Meeting, Hudson

Spent the morning at the coordinator meeting topics of discussion included:

  • What's going on in the district
  • Discussion of what goes where in regards to digital materials and resources
  • Viewing of possible curriculum and PD space.

Spent 11am-2pm at Hudson.
  • Shared MAP data
  • Heard AMAZING conversation about racism, immigration, and jobs in a 5th grade social studies lesson.
  • Played boggle with some 1st graders
  • had a few informal chat
  • Watched a slideshow and looked at pictures with a group of 2nd graders using pictures THEY took from their trip to Litzinger Road Ecology Center

Went back to my office worked on:

Ended the day at Hixson for the 8th grade SS meeting, agenda included:
  • Shared this blog, CnI server, full day curriculum and goals for the year
  • Plan full day (requesting two need to find support for extra day)
  • iCivics

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