Thursday, October 25, 2012

10/25 Office, Social Studies Facilitators

Started the morning helping the sub for the librarian set up all the items she needed so her day ran smooth.

Answered e-mails then started working...

Spent the day dragging files and folders setting up the server space for social studies teachers.  My screen has looked this this for the last two days...

At 3:30 led the social studies facilitator meeting: 

Here's the e-mail I sent out:

Thank you SS CORE team,

Tonight's conversation was centered around the theme of "dropping a pin on a map."  Knowing where we are, what we do will help us figure out how to move forward.

Tonight we shared the excitement of THE SERVER!  Log on today, add stuff, copy stuff, collaborate, e-mail each other about cool lessons you find.  This will revolutionize how we teach our units. Very exciting!

We looked at the board approved curriculum (2006), the Missouri (2008) GLE's and took a peek at the National Council for the Social Studies standards (2012).  

The bulk of our time was centered around writing learning goals for the units we teach.  Will will continue working on this over the next couple months.

All resources used during our meeting are located here, take a peek:

Let's keep the momentum PRIOR to our next meeting do some of these:
1.  Add resources to the server :-)
2.  Share how to log to the server with your building mates
3.  As you are teaching, when you are thinking about learning goals, add them to our learning goal document we started:
4.  email someone using your grade level e-mail distribution lists already set up in outlook about a lesson of file you found on the server!

See you Nov. 29th in the board room!

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