Friday, October 19, 2012

10/19 7th grade SS

Spent an awesome day with the 7th grade Social Studies Department.

Started the day with announcements:

Next discussed the pacing guide for the year.
Went through the Missouri GLE's and highlighted key topics that were covered in out units for the year.

Discussed Ancient Civilization.  
  • Discussed SS themes
  • Key points within the unit
  • Key topics within the unit
  • Created learning goals for our unit
  • Created proficiency scales for our unit
  • Revised the Ancient civilization unit assessment
  • Determined we will use the new assessment as the study guide to get feedback and test it's length and connection to our instruction.

For the future:
  • Continue working on pacing guide
  • Continue sharing lessons surround various learning goals
  • Requesting another day in the spring to continue this curriculum conversation
  • Need to look at the objectives and determine what is the BIG IDEA for our unit.
  • Discuss shared experiences for the unit

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