Friday, October 12, 2012

10/12 Coordinator meeting, Website work, Science Kit viewing

Started the day with a coordinator meeting at Central office, agenda included:

  • What's up with everyone (I shared the work from World studies)
  • PBTE process updates
  • Server update
  • Update on eMints and TILs

Went to Ambrose afterwords and worked on Science/Social Studies websites with other coordinators:
Met up with Mary Ann and we toured the district looking at the first Science kit pick up day...

Started our afternoon at Bristol.  Well organized and neatly stacked.  Awesome!

Next went to computer school.  We were missing one kit and weren't sure about the kit locations, they were just sitting in the hall.
We then went to Hudson.  All kits were present and were well organized.  Nice Job!

After Hudson was Avery.  Avery had a TON of kits.  They were well organized all put together nicely and had everything.  WAY TO GO!

Wrapped up the trip at Edgar Road.  Kits were neatly stacked but not well put back together.  One Butterfly net was wet when it was put into the kit, this is probably going to cause the kit to grow mold.  Not a great find.  

Also we noticed there were a set of materials not put back into the kit.  Please make sure everything gets put back into the same bin it came from.  This will ensure the next person to get the kit will have a positive experience.

 Wrapped up the day answering e-mails and scheduling drop-ins next week.

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