Friday, October 26, 2012

10/26 Coordinator meeting, Social Studies Network

Started the morning at coordinator meeting:

  • Check in
  • Swipe cards
  • curric plan
  • Template
  • Resource adoption process
After the meeting I worked on Tuesday's Learning Goal Presentation....

At 12:00 I attended the Social Studies Network meeting at Missouri History Museum:

Model Curriculum Presentation
  • Model curriculum will...
    • Be a rigorous curriculum based on state standards, GLE< CLE and CCSS
    • Present a model to all districts
  • MSIP 5 requires
    • formative ans summative assessments 
    • use of HOTS
    • General description for content in an area
    • Specific measurable objectives
    • assessments that inform
    • instructional activities related to student progress toward goals
    • Written, taught, and assessed HAD to be the same
    • adequate instructional time for implementation
    • Aligned to SHOW ME standards
  • Components of Model Curriculum
    • Unit objectives
    • Essential Questions
    • Alignments to GLE/CLE and ELA
    • Timeline
    • activities
    • teaching strategies
  • Objectives
    • formed by GLE/CLE
    • are the "to do" statements that drive
    • describe what is taught
    • guide for instruction
  • Essential questions
    • BROAD, transferrable
  • Assessment thinking
    • Examine the objectives
    • knowledge and skills will they have to demonstrate
    • how will we know?
    • EX: Students will evaluate the impact of the Westward Movement on Native Americans in Missouri
  • Assessment types
    • Formative
    • Benchmark
    • Summative
  • Scoring guides and rubrics
    • copyright free materials or permissions granted
    • rubrics for performance events
  • Strategies and activities
  • Integrating CCSS - ELA
    • Literature - Teaching civic values, issues
    • Informational text - identifying relationships and reasons, similiatiies and differences
    • Writing - including opinion, narratives, and informative research
    • Speaking and listening - collaborative conversations, asking and answering questions
    • Language - Vocab acquisition and use, social studies has more words in its discipline than any other content area
  • Piloting curriculum
How ELA and SS merge:

Framework for historical thinking:

Elementary History Resources:

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