Friday, September 28, 2012

9/27 - Meetings, MAP, Office

Started the day with the coordinator meeting at Central Office.  Agenda included discussions on:

  • What's up in the district
  • Perception of stressors on educators
  • Presentation from HR office WGSD staff training.

At 12:30 met with Dr. Denbow and Mr. Atterberry at Steger to discuss grade level meetings and MAP data for 6-8 band.  We also discussed upcoming Science and World Studies Curriculum development days.

Back to the office afterwords to complete some tasks before the end of the week:
  • answered a myriad of e-mails
  • registered for a CSD conference on Tuesday
  • sent in membership form for NCSS
  • Set schedule for next week
  • Sent E-mails to Science Core and Virtual Facilitators
  • Sent e-mail to Science Core and Virtual Facilitators
  • Sent e-mail to start the conversation about a vertical team for Science and social studies

Assigned myself reading for the weekend:
  • Revenue Committee notes
  • District Strategic Plan
  • GLEs for Kindergarten in Science/SS
  • District "approved" activities for Science and Social Studies for Kindergarten (What's in the "Binder")

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