Monday, September 17, 2012

9/17 - Today's activities

Printed and posted calendar for outside office.  Forgot to all last week since I wasn't ever in or near my office.

Met with Caroline who was unable to attend full day curriculum training to get feedback and to give voice to the day's activities.

Fixed a macbook so it was able to access the wireless.  Go mac!

Prepped for 2nd/3rd year training meeting today by connecting "never work harder than your students" chapter to "Art and Science of Teaching."

  • Wrote Blog post
  • Working on handout
  • Idea of sorting activity where one set of concepts in one color, other in another color and teachers seek to find overlap/consensus.

Met with Mary Ann to determine how kit process was going, feedback from grade level days and future important dates coming up.

Went to clark to pick up an extra Plant Light kit delivered to Avery.

Packed up resources for science 6th grade meeting tomorrow.

Pick up projector from Central Office for 6th grade science and world studies meetings.

Spent afternoon at Avery getting into classrooms and to meet with Sue in regards to Science Fair.

Created Science Fair page on Edline.

After school attended 7th grade Social Studies meeting at Hixson.  Agenda included:

  • PDP - Focused on writing learning goals
  • Conversations about proficiency scales and learning goals
  • Conversations about posting learning goals

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