Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9/19 Fosnot training/ETA/iPads

Today I attended the Cathy Fosnot training for Math instruction.  Learning included: 

  • Discovering new ways to solve problems
  • 24 x 1.25 = (6x4) x 1.25 = 6x (4x1.25)
  • 12x15 = 6x30=24x7.5= 
  • Teacher's job is NOT to "fix" the piece of work, it's to continue the student's development in a specific area.
  • Use clues in your classroom to share amongst one another as oppose to be teacher-kid-teacher-kid
  • When you tell a kid the answer you are ROBBING them of empowerment
  • How many ways can you solve a multiplication problem. I never knew it was this easy.
  • If you think your job is regurgitation of information, might be time for a new job.

These conversations about solving problems differently is an OUTSTANDING way to think about problems differently.  How often through solving problems in science and social studies would we benefit from investigating how we solve problems and finding new ways to think of solutions.

All these conversations made me think of William Ury's TED talk on the walk from NO to YES.

At 12:00 I went over to Parkway's Central office to attend the St. Louis' ETA (Educational Technology Association. Agenda included:

At 3:30 went to Bristol to train staff on ipads.  We discussed:

1.  Settings
2.  Notes (using the keyboard)
3.  Safari
4.  App Store
5.  Education apps.
6.  web resources for finding apps

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