Friday, September 14, 2012

Today's activities

Today I facilitated the first and only Kindergarten grade level meeting for the district.  This meeting is a one-time per year chance to get every teacher at a certain grade levels in the district around one table.

The agenda included:

  • Sorting activity for goal/standards
  • Gifted ed announcements
  • Technology integration standards
  • Science and Social studies planning, listening and gathering
  • ELA
  • Math

A document for our teachers to collaborate around while attending the session is found here.
Science/Social Studies activities included the following:

  • Began sign up for Facilitators for Science/Social Studies
After  the grade level meeting I went over to Steger Elementary to meet with the Science department chair.  Based on her recommendations we created the agenda for the curriculum day below:

From that I tentatively created the agenda for the World Studies meeting next Thursday.  I posted that below but it is still in process:

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