Thursday, December 20, 2012

11/20 CO, Tour of the district

Started the day at Central Office discussing timeline for curriculum development for years to come.

Afterwords met with other coordinators to discuss and plan out our curriculum websites.

Figured out how to embed a google doc into edline:

Worked on both science and social studies pages

Went over afterwords to view the PD room at WGHS.

Had lunch at Dairy Queen to support WGHS.

Went back to the office to meet Mary Ann.  We then toured the district viewing bins:

Edgar Road looked good but missing States of Matter kit 6 and Rocks kit 3...
Avery was well organized but missing Space kit 1,  Electricity kits 1-4 ...

 Hudson was small but neat!
 Bristol was missing a few Ecosystems kits 4 and 5...
Computer school was not pictured due to a concert in the hallway we could not get through.
Clark also not pictured because Mary Ann already said they were good.

Submitted PO for resource for Steger.

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