Thursday, December 6, 2012

12/6 Curating Resources, DLT, Meetings and SS facilitators

Started the morning with science over at Hixson.  We discussed Resources and made a decision.
Our plan is to determine our greatest needs now, purchase those resources.  And plan for the future of curating resources for the future of Science instruction at Hixson.

After words I went over to Clark for the DLT observation.  We observe a 5th grade classroom and discussed Marzano's design questions as they relate to curriculum and instruction, teaching and learning.

Some images from the day...

After the observation we rehashed what we saw and where we are headed as a district and had conversations about science and social studies.

After the DLT meeting I met with Mrs. Corley.  We discussed options for curating a digital resource.  We started a document here.

I then went over the WGHS to meet with the Tech Director.  We discussed options for digital resources and possible questions as we move forward.

After that headed over to Central Office for the Social Studies Facilitator Meeting K-5.
Agenda Included:
Checking in
Highlighting GLEs
Writing Learning goals
Discussing C3 content standards

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