Monday, December 17, 2012

11/17 Coordinator meeting, Clark,

Started the day with the coordinator meeting to discuss new teacher training agenda.

We sent an email to new teachers in regards to video taping themselves.

Then went over to Clark to visit the Rainforest project:

The hallway was amazing:
I was met by Ranger James where to took me on the tour.  We started learning about the Golden eagle's life cycle.

 Then was introduced to the Howler monkey and it's baby and adult stages:

 I learned about how to make a map and using a legend...

 Then went on the scavenger hunt using North, South, West and East coordinates...

Here's a drawing of a baby and adult Howler Monkey:

Then we read a story together where we learned about the money, it's life cycle, it's animal tendencies and where it lives...

Afterwords I went to Clark's 5th grade classroom where I began to learn about Heros for Hero's Week. The class started thinking and talking about the famous hero's like superman.

The class turned when student began discussing the concept of a policeman/woman or firefighter as being a hero.  This led to a wonderful video on Dr. Paul Farmer:

After the video a hero was defined as "An ordinary person, doing something extraordinary."  The rest of the week will be focused on this concept.

I then went back to Edgar road.

I spoke with Deb Sanders at McGraw hill about the resource selection process at Hixson.  SHe mentioned:

  • iscience was based on the NEAP frameworks
  • once the NGSS are finalized there will be an online supplement
  • She wants to come in and do a show/tell
  • page keeley probes are included

I spoke with Jill Right about unit plan and enrichment activities at Hixson for 7th Science.

I put together a set of resources that we may use to create an evaluation tool to be used by parents/students/teachers at Hixson.

At 3pm I attended a Chromebook webinar at TLC with tech and director of technology.

at 3:30 met up with Hixson department chairs to discuss eval tool for resources.

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