Thursday, December 13, 2012

12/13 Hudson

Today's day we centered and organized around 5th grade.

Notes included:

How do we Acquire new information?

MAP Skills:
·      Scientific Method
·      Transition from Facts to critical thinking
·      Hands on
·      Science fair projects – with groups

·      Consider purchasing Page Keely Formative
·      Do more questioning activities
·      Scientific method based activities
·      More hands on
·      More informal assessment (lead to feedback)
·      More consistent Benchmarks along the way
·      Using data to identify areas of weakness BEFORE the assessment
·      Look for ways to make more personal connections (
·      Lacking connections to the diversity of all learners background
·      Have McGee over to share MAP data (tear apart together)

How do 5th graders acquire new information?

·      Notes
·      Activity
·      Discussion
·      Video or video clip
·      Websites
·      Vocabulary
·      Demonstration
·      Research
·      Story books
·      Field trips
·      Current news
·      Act it out
·      Science journals – everything we do, notes, research, labs and activities

·      Songs
·      Movement
·      Coloring
·      Sorting
·      Play
·      Investigation
·      Removing the fear of risk
·      Focus on the process as opposed to the outcome
·      Be willing to give time
·      Science Journals – Wonder pages, questions, collecting data, science at home, favorite experiences, real life examples, collection from year to year, focus on the emotional connection to the experiences
·      Idea of capturing a document/image to preserve for future years.

Learning Designs

·      Do the lab and leave it set up for 3 to 4 more days – part of the daily 5 workshop
·      Video your lab and have it available
·      Bits of a video to wrap up the day
·      Play a game
·      Integrate movement and vocabulary – Charades
·      Act it out using an object
·      Seek to integrate the curriculum within other areas/times
·      Discussed how other schools do it
·      Discussed the advantages and disadvantages of specializing

Afterwords we continued conversations by focusing our efforts on Chemical Interactions unit

We created the following Goal/objectives:
Essential Learning Goal:
SWBAT identify patterns of changes.


  • ·  SWBAT Construct models of atoms and molecules to demonstrate three-dimensional structure
  • · SWBAT Describe and compare the properties of matter, including density, state of matter, volume, and mass
  • ·  SWBAT Describe ways to Separate components in a mixture/solution
  • ·  SWBAT Identify chemical changes in common objects as a result of interactions with heat, light, water, and air

And then discussed assessment and preliminary learning designs:

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