Monday, December 10, 2012

12/10 Office Day

After a week of meetings and three key meetings coming up I am spending the day int eh office trying to ensure everything rolls smoothly.

Started the day working on 6th grade World studies.  Finalized, printed and copied the agenda.  Highlighted key points in article for discussion.

At 10:00 I went over the Hixson to meet with Dr. Heisserer we discussed the resource selection process and steps to take next.

Afterwords went back to Edgar Road to get some more accomplished:

Organized resource for 6th grade full day curriculum workshop:

  • Created NGSS sorting activity
  • created, printed and copied agenda
  • copy and pasted GLEs for Rock Cycle, Force and Motion, and Earth's Processes
  • Printed and copied student activities
  • Pasted resources onto Server
  • Made presentation for day
I started on the handout for the Phase description for Curation of Resources...

Edgar Road will be going over Chapter 7 tomorrow so I read through Chapter 7 and did a Blog post on the highlights.

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