Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12/4 Hudson, Clark, Edgar Road, Central Office

Today's going to be a busy day!

Started the day at Hudson meeting with 5th grade teachers and planning our curriculum workshop day on 12/13.

Our plans include:

Morning discuss more MAP (morning work) MAP based into daily curriculum - (seek and find other activities) Science

Split chunk of science 15 before, 15 after - how do we manage

Acquiring new information - Better system of "notes" for the kids science (social studies second) - decide on format like

Learning design for building (activities ) - see what on server, science


Email avery teachers to bring a unit or advertise 

Attack a unit science Chemical interactions
what other activities
what is extra
SMART Notebook file

email teachers regard afternoon and agenda
(Print pdf of "kit")
GLE of Chemical interactions

afterwords went to Clark to observe Social Studies with 2nd graders.  Students were reporting out their research and findings of a country of their choice.  Projects looked like:

Afterwords I went back to Edgar Road:
At 1:30 headed back over to Clark to work one on one with a student seeking acceleration in the area of science, afterwords edited and submitted my report to Ms. Jackson.

Watched Video of a colleague at apple:

We had our Science Vertical team meeting after school.  Agenda: https://docs.google.com/a/wgcloud.org/document/d/1wKbI9yozMU8PAGQiPcUpEWzp1napdPO1QseIWtGni6Q/edit 

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