Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10/29 Clark Day

Spent the day at Clark Elementary

Teachers signed up on the document HERE

Started meeting with 3rd grade teachers about LEGO, simple machines and foundation grant.

Found this: http://www.legoeducation.us/eng/product/simple_machines_ndash_getting_started_package/2290

Started in Kindergarten learning about pumpkins

Then played Math games and did some snack and moving with 2nd grade:

Met with WINGS teacher to discuss kicking off science fair.  Notes included:

Science day at Clark: Kicking off science fair

One group experiment (launching and changing the fulcrum), one do observation (mentos and diet coke)

Have a posterboard together with things already typed out.

Right before winter break, 1st or second week of December, 16th?

Headed over to 4th grade to watch the Southern colonies presentations for the other 4th grade classes.

Met with building principal.

Wrapped up the day in 2nd grade working on the landforms projects.

I then headed home to finish writing 5th grade social studies curriculum.

Wrapped up the day at a parent meeting at Avery discussing the iPad program for reading intervention..

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