Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10/22 Bristol Day, Coordinator meeting, Strategic planning meeting

Spent the day at Bristol Elementary

I saw 4th grade work on Writing - personal narrative and thank you letters.

I saw Kindergarten in their literacy centers.

I saw 4th grade discussing the 13 colonies.

I saw students researching famous investors in 5th grade.

I got a chance to check out the music performance:

Started working on 5th grade Social Studies Learning Goals and Proficiency Scales.

Got a chance to see student presentations on life cycles of various animals, here are some examples:

Checked out 3rd graders investigation of pant life cycles: 

Met with coordinators to plan Hudson Day:

We will do 30 minutes each.
5 minute break in between

Science first 30
Math second 30
ELA third 30
BIO break
Action Plan

Science Breakout:
5 stations
Station specific to content
Station specific to Bristol

1. Overall MAP data and Demographics
2.  Unit 1 data - performance and question types
3. Unit 2 data - performance and question types
4. Unit 3 data - performance and question types
5. Compared to State

Went over to Central Office for the Revenue Committee meeting.

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