Friday, October 25, 2013

10/23 2st Grade Facilitators

1st Grade Science and Social Studies teachers met.

We used this protocol to review the draft of future science and social studies units, learning goals and proficiency scales.

Here's the protocol:
Reviewing the DRAFT prior to submission

  • 2 minutes - Look over for overall issues, spacing, formatting, page breaks, general issues
  • 5 minutes - Review learning goal and proficiency scale for clarity and connection to learning goal
  • 5 minutes - Change learning goal and proficiency scale to ensure “kid-friendly” language.
  • 2 minutes - Evaluate the High Priority Standards - Would it all fall apart?
  • 5 minutes - Add “domain specific vocabulary” for level 2
  • 2 minutes - Look for misspellings
  • 2 minutes - Where do periods need to be added?

  • Any time left:
    • Develop learning targets to “connect the dots” for kids
    • Add concepts/depth of knowledge items to the level 4 on the scale

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