Monday, October 14, 2013

10/14 WGHS, WGCO, Avery

Started the day finalizing the Edgar Road MAP report for conversation tomorrow at Edgar Road. District MAP data looked like this.

I was interviewed by the Webster/Kirkwood times regarding the award(s) I won.

I met with Assistant Superintendant to review and draft a timeline of curriculum implementation to present to the vertical teams for approval.

We also emailed DESE assessment director in regards to the NGSS and their role in future assessments.

This sentence:  "Development, administration, scoring, and reporting of 5th and 8th grade summative
science assessments and released items aligned to the 2.0 GLEs."
Worried us.

Afterwords I met with two teachers at Avery.  We discussed the iPad Mini program for their struggling readers and PD/training that may be needed for staff, students and parents.

I went back to the office to finalize the minute analysis on Science and Social studies, see my infographic here:

Then READ this:

And listened to this:

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