Monday, March 4, 2013

3/4 Clark, PDC

Spent the day at Clark Elementary, home of the Eagles!


I watched Kindergarteners build some log cabins inspired by Abraham Lincoln.


Also saw kindergarten students planting seeds:

2nd grade

I saw 2nd grade making timelines and shared with teachers about some online tools for creating a timeline.

Timeline resources:

5th Grade

Integrating technology into the classroom

We discussed the SAMR (pronounced sam-er) model

Resources for SAMR model:

SAMR model:

Examples: The SAMR Model: Background and Exemplars

Then discussed using Social networking with 5th graders.  Here is Edmodo!

Wax Museum Prep

2nd grade was working on their Wax museum presentations

Students research, make poster or timeline, write speech, press button for timeline
 I saw posters from students on their famous people they researched.  This research was a part of the speeches they prepared for their wax museum they will be having over the next couple of days.

Teacher Meeting on How to use Youtube

Using Youtube

1st Grade

Discussed the economics Old Webster project/unit
  • Discussed the terms: Good, service, consumer, producer
  • How to conduct and interview
  • Channel 4 connection
  • In the community on the 28th to get to local businesses

Discussed how we could move the project into the 21st century and make something for an authentic audience

What are 21st Century skills?
Then discussed the ability for individual students or teams to make their own video to be displayed to an audience. Here's a tutorial:

More 2nd grade

Saw another 2nd grade class of student presentations for their "wax museum." It is so cool to "press the button" and watch the students come to life as their famous person. Here's an audio recording of one....


Wrapped up the day in Science class they were working on ecosystems and habitats.


Afterwords Attended the PDC meeting.  Agenda included:
  • Application to lead PD
  • Opening Day
  • Welcome to new Co-Chair
  • Website Expectations
    • Identification (grade level, name, class etc.)
    • contact info
    • Link to resources you use
    • link to common resources for all students
    • Homework and/or home learning
  • Sharing of Google Apps for Education
    • Chrome Browser
    • Google Apps for Education
    • Drive
    • Google Plus

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