Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3/27 Steger/Computer School, Avery, SS Vertical Team

Started the day at Steger Elementary

Started the day swinging pendulums in Kindergarten:

I then helped students with their East Asia Projects in World Studies:

I watched and helped students research South Africa:
Hung out with some 5th graders as they were working on their Science and Social studies through literacy.  This one team learned about stars so I showed them a cool app call Sky Map:

Also shared the TOP iOs apps for Astronomy:

I then had lunch with the Computer school where we discussed tech tips, google resources and ways to use collaboration in the classroom.

I then went up to have lunch with some of the Steger teachers.

Finally I wrapped up the day in a 6th grade science class.  We looked at:

  • Ways to organize student work
  • ways to organize student assessments
  • Ways to organize student notebooks
  • Conversations to be had with parents about grades and Standards-based grading

Afterwords, went over to Avery to drop off transition materials for a teacher moving from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. Items included:
This form:

  • List of facilitators for Science and Social studies
  • Science GLEs
  • Social Studies GLEs
  • January Draft of the NGSS for 3rd grade
  • How to read the NGSS

I then went over the the Board room to set up for the Vertical Team Meeting for Social Studies.

We completed a sheet like this for every grade level:

Notes from that meeting found here:

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