Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3/6 Hudson

Started the day at a planning meeting for a future vertical teaming workshop with Hudson teachers.

Here are the notes form our meeting:

I then went into first grade where they were drawing pictures and labeling emotions for social studies time.

Discussed what to do with FAST plants that don't grow...

I then became Meriwether Lewis for the 4th grade TIME TRAVELER.  Don't I look good!?!

I watched some science in 5th grade and played a Math game.

I had lunch with the principal for principal's day! YES!

I called to get numbers on a bus from First Student.  I called bob at 965.6130

Each bus is $39.53 per hour.

I think we will need four buses (2 for each team)

I am projecting 2 hours plus .5 travel = 2.5 hours 

2.5 hours x 4 buses x $39.53 = $395.30

I then watched 3rd grade rock some "FORCES"

I had some free time in Kindergarten where I almost got lice from a pair of headphones!  I then sang songs and had fun with the kiddos!

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