Friday, March 8, 2013

3/8 Coordinator meeting, Edgar Road

Started the day at the coordinator meeting.  We played with BIG RED balls.  Well, not really.

We learned about Kevin Carroll.

We watched his video:

We read and discussed the book: The Red Rubber Ball at Work

I then went back over to Edgar Road to check in at the office and get some work done!

  • Finalized Techbook purchase for 4th grade
  • Organized Meet-up for Icarus Session
  • Started Google Plus Event for Icarus Session
  • Added tasks to the to do list for next week
  • Revised 3rd grade Government Assessment
  • Revised and gave feedback on 2nd grade learning goals
  • Created 2nd grade GLE document for science and social studies
  • Went through a huge pile of paperwork

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