Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Sci, Edgar, SS Facilitators

Started the day with a tour of the "Institute for school partnership" or "My Sci" center

They are located at 6601 Vernon Ave.

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Every lesson come packaged in its own bag

Amazing Storage

While there I met with Skyler Wiseman to discuss a partnership with Webster Groves and access to the My Sci Kits and truck.

Their main website: http://schoolpartnership.wustl.edu/programs-services/mysci/

Their "kits": http://schoolpartnership.wustl.edu/programs-services/mysci/teacher-resources/

also discussed piloting new kits in grade levels 345.

Went back to Edgar Road, to:

  • Investigate and learn about: http://www.eie.org
  • Respond to Science Kit emails and sign ups
  • Prep for 678 SS
    • Copy GLE
    • Make Agenda
    • Copy C3 draft
  • Update numbers of Kits and correspond with MaryAnn about sign ups

Led Social Studies Facilitator meeting:

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