Thursday, April 25, 2013

4/25 Steger, Edgar Road, TLA

Started the day at Steger for the Grade reporting conversation some of our highlights were:

OUT of the BOX
Blood work document (your level, level of others)
PBTE document with rubric
Less wordy the better
Data compared to class average, district average or norms
Focused on the “most important thing”
Continuous, ongoing, just in time
Comments and descriptive personal feedback

Still using SIS
1. Enter data on one screen
2. Examining the report and regrouping to consolidate
3. Eliminating sections that were unnecessary

3 physical must haves
Less words (Less overall)
Parent friendly language
Grade (letter or BDS) + Comment

Pdf files: YES!
Can parents let us know if they received it.
Do we have to have a “file” created outside the end of the year?
Cheaper, way things are done, 

Headed over to Edgar Road to:

  • Finalize 2nd and 3rd year teacher planning
  • Respond to emails
Completed work on 1st grade Science documents: NGSS unit and Template
Headed over to Llywelyns to set up for TLA celebration

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